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Nurses Education Inc (NEI)

For the last 28 years, NEI has established a comfortable niche and enjoys a success rate of 90% plus in the NCLEX-RN and CPRNE exams. Energized and “Empowered through Learning”, NEI will continue the quest to bring the scale higher and to help many more nurses pass their licensing exams and also get their dream jobs through its continuing education.

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This course highlights the skills necessary to decipher embedded information and critically analyze the NCLEX-style questions


19- day-review, teacher led (face-to-face/virtual classroom) has earned NEI a comfortable niche and a track record of over 90% success rate!

IVT Certificate

Full day workshop consists of classroom and laboratory designed to prepare the participants to understand the purpose of intravenous therapy

Basic Physical Assessment

Used of a life sized mannequin enables participants to accurately perform anatomical evaluation using the techniques of observation, auscultation, percussion, and palpation

Medication Administration 

Contextual application of RHPA 1991 and the nursing process in medication administration. The CNO medication guidelines are included in the course.

ECG and CCU 1

systematically examines and explores fundamental concepts of the anatomy and physiology of the cardiac system that brings a deeper appreciation of the participants’ recognition and understanding of the pathophysiology


In 2019 and the beginning of 2020 I was job-hunting for several months. Literally and without exaggeration I sent over 300 resumes to different institutions and I have not been fortunate. No one was interested and I did not get any response. Not one!


At that time, I was working in the clinic but I wanted to work in the hospital. This was when I went to Nurses Education and took a “bunch of courses” (Medication Administration, Nursing Procedures, and CCU1 + ECG). To make the long story short, after successfully finishing all these courses, I started job-hunting again. Lo and behold, in just a few days, I received responses and the rest was history. Right now I am working two jobs in the hospitals where I am able to apply my skills. I also got some reimbursement from RPNAO.

Angeli Solive, RPN


What courses are best for you?

Will do a free break down on what course are best for your specific path.

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