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When passing the NCLEX-RN exam is the deciding factor, Nurses Education’s review course is the program specifically designed for you. This is a 19-day- teacher-led course and/or via Zoom that framed all body systems together which aims to help you build and rebuild your nursing knowledge. The course highlights the skills necessary to decipher embedded information and critically analyze the NCLEX-style questions in the right context.


The contents in this review course covers all four categories in the NCLEX exam: (1) safe and effective care environment; (2) health promotion and maintenance; (3) psychosocial integrity and (4) physiological integrity.

NEI’s 2000 plus multiple test questions, NCLEX-style, will be explored and analyzed in the classroom (physical or virtual) which helps you build your strength as well as identify and address your weaknesses in test taking.


Over the last 25 years, NEI has been enjoying its 90% plus success rate, however, efforts are already in place to bring the scale higher in order to create the highest level of confidence among its students who are taking the NCLEX-RN exam!

(call or email to sign up)

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