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Why Choose NEI?

NEI: “Empowered Through Learning”


The story began when several years ago I was scheduled to take my CRNE exam. I needed someone to help me prepare but unfortunately there was no help available. Out of desperation, I bought several books and studied like crazy until my head was ready to explode. Miraculously I passed my exam the first time I took it!


By then, I knew that something has to be done and in 1992, I started Nurses Education Inc (NEI). As I look back and rewind my professional journey, I am very, very grateful that I took the courage to start NEI. Amidst countless challenges…the sleepless nights, squeezing the substance out of my little brain to produce good and better results, my heart is overjoyed whenever I see colleagues who sat in my review classes passing their licensing exams and becoming full pledged registered nurses.


Over the years, NEI has evolved NOT only as a licensing review provider, but also as a point of connecting link to a dream job through its continuing education courses. This could be through the simple IM injection, IV Therapy or the more complex ECG interpretation/arrhythmia management… and the list goes on.


Although for the last 28 years, NEI enjoys its 90% plus success rate in the NCLEX-RN and CPRNE exams, the quest to bring the scale higher continues and thus NEI will remain to be “Empowered through Learning”!


I thank God for opening doors and creating opportunities for NEI to be a blessing to others. It is my goal to leave a legacy that is of value to the nursing community– “passing the torch of true education from one generation to another”!


Carmen M. Dimaapi, RN

CEO and Founder of NE

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