Basic Physical Assessment


Basic Physical Assessmentt

Nurses Education’s 37–hour-Basic Physical Assessment Course was designed to guide any practicing nurse and/or 4th year nursing students perform head-to-toe assessment with confidence.

The main foci of the course include (1) accurate techniques and performance of inspection, auscultation, percussion, and palpation; (2) skills on interviewing techniques; (3) collection of data; and (4) principles in understanding the theoretical foundation of the anatomy and physiology of different body systems as well as analyzing and interpreting diagnostic tests.

Further, the course was built on a framework that aims to solidify the learner’s ability to function in an intraprofessional/interprofesional and dynamic environment where priorities are constantly changing. Laboratory time consists of performance of a head-to-toe assessment on a life-size manikin simulating the human physiology including normal and adventitious lung sounds and normal and abnormal heart sounds, and other important physiologic feature. The application of theoretical knowledge to clinical practice was made tangible by the multiple case studies discussed and explored in the lab..


Students must be Registered Practical Nurses, Registered Nurses or other healthcare professions, which include physical assessment in their scope of practice.

Price: $600.00 Cdn. (Price includes Tax and Materials)