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Over the last 25 years, Nurses Education Inc (NEI) has been offering CPRNE/RPN review to both Canadian trained and internationally trained nurses. This 19- day-review, teacher led (face-to-face/virtual classroom) has earned NEI a comfortable niche and a track record of over 90% success rate!

This prescriptive review course was built on two major elements essential to passing the exam – (1) knowledge and (2) ability to apply the knowledge in the right context based on specific scenarios. NEI’s 2000 plus multiple choice exams assures the test-taker that her/his success can be achieved through it’s thorough presentation, discussion, and understanding CPRNE’s major domain, which are the following:

1. Cognitive level:

  a. Knowledge and comprehension

  b. Application

  c. Critical thinking

2. Competency Categories:

  a. Professional, ethical and legal practice

  b. Foundation of practice

  c. Collaboration practice

3. Types of clients:

  a. Adult

  b. Older adult

  c. Non-specific age


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