IV Therapy & phlebotomy


IV Therapy and phlebotomy

This is a 7.5-hour workshop consists of classroom and laboratory designed to prepare the participants to understand the purpose of intravenous therapy and the fundamental concept of fluids and electrolyte balance and its clinical significance. The venipuncture component of this course focuses on blood collection and sequencing of tubes.

The review in the anatomy and physiology of the peripheral vascular system compliments the laboratory component and builds the confidence of the participants as they practice and access the common veins, in the rubber arm along with the used of vacutainer, syringe, and butterfly needles essential in the performance of IV therapy and venipuncture.

Program Objective:

IV Therapy and Venipuncture:

IV Therapy:

a. Identify, select, and assess veins appropriate for cannulation.

b. Prepare IV site aseptically and choose/organize equipment use.

c. Recognize the different complications of IV therapy (e.g. infiltration, infection, phlebitis) and implement appropriate measures in the realm of interprofessional/intraprofessional collaboration guidelines.

d. Know the different techniques in dilating target veins including but not limited to the application of tourniquet using rubber arm and/or partner’s arm.

e. Outline the steps and demonstrate/initiate IV access in a rubber arm.

f. Become aware of the legal aspects of inserting IV.

g. Understand the physiological implications of IV therapy and electrolyte balance.

h. Understand the clinical significance and application of the different types of IV fluids based on their tonicity or osmolality.


a. Identify, locate and assess veins appropriate for blood drawing.

b. Prevent potential complications of venipuncture.

c. Prepare venipuncture site aseptically and choose and prepare appropriate equipment.

d. Utilize the type of test tube (colors of tubes) based on the blood test ordered.

e. Apply tourniquet on a rubber arm and/or partner.

f. Outline and demonstrate/perform venipuncture from a rubber arm utilizing vacutainer, butterfly, syringe.


Students must be Registered Practical Nurses, Registered Nurses or other healthcare professional that comprise IV therapy and venipuncture in their scope of practice.

Price: $200.00 Cdn. (includes Tax & Materials)