Course Description:

Over the last 25 years, Nurses Education Inc (NEI) has been offering CPRNE review to both Canadian and internationally trained nurses. NEI has established a comfortable niche and will continue to do its best to maintain and/or improve its 90% success rate!

NEI has designed the CPRNE review that made complex and very difficult topics easy to understand and make learning more fun and enjoyable! The 12 modules in the review were strongly founded on topics usually included in the CPRNE, which will help student obtain the greatest satisfactory performance on the following:

1. Cognitive level:

a. Knowledge and comprehension

b. Application

c. Critical thinking

2. Competency Categories:

a. Professional, ethical and legal practice

b. Foundation of practice

c. Collaboration practice

3. Types of clients:

a. Adult

b. Older adult

c. Non-specific age

NEI is confident that the 1500 plus questions built in the review program, explored and carefully discussed in the class, will greatly improve student’s critical thinking ability and help student “intellectualize” the application of theoretical knowledge to clinical practice