Nurses Education Inc. is the school of choice for nursing students, Canadian Educated Nurses and Internationally Educated Nurses who are preparing for their exams, upgrading their skills or enhancing their critical and analytical thinking in various subjects.

We offer accredited nursing programs, quality exam preparatory courses and relevant workshops at affordable prices with highly qualified instructors.

Nurses Education Inc. was established in 1992 by Carmen Dimaapi, RN, in response to the growing needs of international and domestic trained nurses, to meet the requirements for licensure.

Accredited educational programs and review classes continue to be upgraded to meet the changing needs of the health care community.

Classes are taught by highly trained and qualified faculty members, and are held at state of the art facilities to a maximize learning.

In addition to our educational programs, Nurses Education Inc. has successfully placed many of its graduates with employers in Canada, USA, and Australia.

Our Mission and Vision

Mission: Nurses Education, Inc. is an established institution that will empower nurses to meet the challenges of this dynamic profession.  NEI will supplement, reinforce and enhance the existing education and training of nurses through the different courses, programs and workshops it offers.

Vision: Every graduate from Nurses Education Inc. will be equipped with advanced theoretical knowledge, critical thinking abilities and nursing skills to provide safe, ethical and client-centered care.

Our History

In 1992, Nurses Education Inc. (NEI) was founded by Carmen Dimaapi, a highly experienced Registered Nurse, who has pioneered the foundation for the nursing examination review courses.

In 1997, NEI placed 300 nurses within 13 months to the U.S.A., in collaboration with a prestigious recruitment company. This was just one of the many outstanding accomplishments during the late 90’s. During this time, NEI has successfully placed thousands of highly qualified nurses in Australia, Canada, and the U.S.A.

In 2010, NEI created an alliance with Canadian International Career College (CICC), a prominent international private college. On November 1, 2011, NEI obtained CICC.

Currently, NEI has maintained a significant business strategy for its success. It has obtained an unprecedented high pass rate in the nursing licensing preparation: NCLEX-RN, CRNE and CPNRE; whereby it presently enjoys a comfortable niche as a leader in the nursing education industry.

Message from the President

It is my privilege to welcome you to our Toronto Campus. For the last 20 years, my experience at Nurses Education, Inc (NEI) is one that has already had a profound impact on my life. I love the many opportunities where I can be a humble instrument in helping thousands of my colleagues scale the heights of the nursing profession whether it was in licensing preparation, understanding fluids and electrolytes, or learning simple nursing skills like starting an IV or simple venipuncture.

I believe that my job is challenging but also rewarding. Often these challenges require me to think outside the box and to make sacrifices in my personal life – make no mistake about it, I work every day and sometimes-including weekends. It’s all worth it! The reason I was able to get as much out of my time at NEI as I did was because I chose to view challenges as opportunities. We have a lot of challenges ahead of us. This is really a remarkable time in nursing history.

Nurses have to be in the lead in this period in which a strong nursing foundation will be so important in solidifying and bringing the profession to a higher level and to pressing forward an agenda for a better nursing career. I can't think of a better call than to say that nurses will stand for the “TLC” (tender loving care) of each patient which their significant others have been longing for. Our profession demands a lot. It demands a lot and sometimes it demands the ultimate sacrifice.

I want you to know that I am committed to making certain that we have the tools we need to make nursing a better profession. I believe in training and I believe in education and continuing education.Providing the highest possible patient care is our charge. That's our calling. Let’s press forward and use our most powerful tool: EDUCATION. Again welcome to Nurses Education Inc.!


Carmen M.Dimaapi, RN



900 Peter Robertson Blvd. #14D
Brampton, Ontario L6R 1W6
Telephone 905.232.4333

Email info@nurseseducation-mc.com


265 Rimrock Rd Suite #200
North York, ON M3J 3A6
Telephone 416.630.8016

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2100 Marlowe Suite #534
Montreal, Quebec H4A 3L5
Fax: 514.507.7500

Email montreal@nurseseducation.com

Toll Free (North America)
1.866.687.7377 or 1.866.NURSES7

Employment Opportunities

Position: Full-time Instructor

Education: BScN with Master's Degree in Nursing

Skills & Experience: ICU or ER experience; teaching experience preferred. CNO registration or CNO eligibility required. 

Travel: Willing to travel within Canada and abroad.

Position: Full-time, part-time, and casual position instructor

Education: BScN with Master's Degree

Skills & Experience: Experience in Medical- Surgical Nursing; teaching experience preferred;  CNO registration strongly preferred or CNO eligibility.

Travel: Willing to travel within Canada and abroad.

Position: Full-time Instructor

Education: Master's Degree preferred

Skills & Experience: Teaching experience an asset; medical surgical experience at least for 4 years; CNO registration or CNO eligibility

Travel: Work assignment: Montreal and Ottawa campus

Position: Full-time RN Instructor

Education: BScN with Master's Degree preferred

Skills & Experience: Must have a minimum of 4 years teaching experience


Position: Full-time Sales & Marketing Specialist (3 Available)

Education: BS or BSc preferred

Skills & Experience: Must have experience in sales and marketing; willing to train.

Position: Full-time Administrative Assistant

Education: N/A

Skills & Experience: Fluent in English and must be familiar in Microsoft Office